Monday, 26 July 2010

Out and About and Bits and Bobs

Theres been a lot going on in the past two weeks so I just thought I'd share a few of the photos I've been taking with you :) This is my beautiful sister and I out two weeks ago having a boogie! :)
This is a friend that I was sooo close to through high school - then we fell out! But were friends again now and had a chat on the same night out. I like this photo because its fuzzy and just looks cool!

I havent edited this picture AT ALL. :D This is actually what the sky looked like a few weeks ago, it was beautiful.

I dont know what these coloured glass things are but I saw them at this antique fair we went to and I thought they were really cool!

Rocking horse :)

I loves these little handmade fairy houses, just made out of twigs and things!

I love these Love signs :D

I LOVE all these old fashioned cameras :)

Apparantly my Nana used to use a type writer like this :)
How cute is this mini rocking horse! :)
Vintage ballet slippers :)

French 1940's love postcards :)

I love this gold skull, I think it looks a bit steam punk? It was in an art gallery in Liverpool, made by college students!

I love this too, its a fish but made of little tiny pieces of pocket watches, it was amazing :)

Cheese shop in Chester :)
I love this clock in the middle of Chester, in fact I love the entire city! :)

I can never go into PaperChase without leaving with something, and I bought a lovely notebook (those of you who already know, another notebook thats been added to my massive collection hahah)
But I saw these postcards and I thought how much they looked like my lovely friend Shona and I! :)

Pretty swans on the river :) I love how they mate for life, so I always think that theyre husband and wife when I see them paddling down the river :)
A pretty bridge! :)

A real picture of Shona and I on a recent night out
Me and Chris having a boogie! I'm so pale haha :

I'm feeling quite ill lately, need to get myself feeling better! I'm seeing my gorgeous Alex tonight, because hes been away on a training course all week, so I'm really looking forward to that, I just hope I'm not a big sicky mess when I see him!
What has everyone been up to over the weekend or last week? Hope you didnt try and cram in as much as I did, maybe thats why I'm under the weather!! :/


Anonymous said...

you are not pale my love you are interesting! i love these pics of my two beautiful girls and gorge Shona with the lovely Chris

Effi said...

Lovely pictures(: love your blog...

I'll follow you if you'll follow me:

Jennifer said...

Great blog! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! :)

Winnie said...

Oh you are sooo pretty!! These photos are pretty amazing too, love the sunset one.

Anonymous said...

Awww, I always think the same thing when I see swans too! And thanks for the birthday wishes, I'm really loving your blog right now! xxx

Olivia said...

aw thanks girls! i loved that sunset our family stood outside our front door just like wow thats amazing!

natasha i think were just ol' romantics :p



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