Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Olivia Young - Set Dresser and Stylist, and Halloween Plans

Hello everyone :)

Thanks for all the supportive comments in my last posts. Working as Assistant Stylist for Sally Conran at The White Company was amazing - so many beautiful things to see! Once the catalogue is out, I'll get some of the pictures and put them up here so you can see what I was doing.

In the mean time, here's a bit of a promo post!

I've recently set up a Facebook promoting my Set Dressing and Styling, and I'd love it if you could all like it for me!

CLICK HERE to like my page :)

Also, if you look on the right hand column of my page, you'll see a link for PINTEREST and for ARTSTHREAD - feel free to have a look - especially Pinterest as I'm getting addicted! Any other Pinners out there?

So anyway, more importantly...HALLOWEEN! :D

I'm excited as you can tell.

I'm stuck though, do I go as...



Hmmm decisions decisions.

What are you going as this year?

Finally heres a phot from the Apothecary set I did a while back now, which you can view HERE if you would like to see something to get you in the Halloween mood!



Sunday, 16 October 2011

Catch Up Post Part 2! Graduation, Prop Studios, and The White Company.


An off-guard snap taken by my Ma, just after Graduation.


Throwing off our hats - it's been a long, hard three years - but a First Class Honors (BA Hons) Degree was worth it :)


Here's some photos of the work of Prop Studios, where I was working at a few weeks ago. Such an amazing eye opening experience, the talent of the people there blew my mind!


And here's the biggie... I've bagged myself a job as Assistant Stylist to the amazing SALLY CONRAN, in a shoot for The White Company in London for a while - such an amazing opportunity, I just can't wait! Here's some previous White Company shoots below to get you aquainted with what I'll be working on :)

Got to say this past year has been incredible. From working my butt off on some amazing projects at Uni and gaining a First Class Honors, to working on WWZ, the new Brad Pitt film, to interning at H&A, to working at Prop Studios to this Assistant Stylist job - all of it has been incredible. I never have any money, I'm permanantly on a bus/train/tube/taxi, saying goodbye to my family and working through the night, but I'm honestly grateful for everything I have worked hard for, and also been given by so many kind and thoughtful people.

Thanks for following this blog and for all your support. I enjoy sharing the start of my fledgling career with you, and I hope you stick with me all the way :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Catch Up Post 1! Anniversary and Dorset

Heres some Pictures from the last few months - I've been super busy lately so I thought lets do a few catch up posts to bring it all up to speed! The first few pictures are from mine and Alex's 2nd Anniversary :) And the last few are from our trip to Dorset and some of the lovely sights we saw there.

Speak soon!



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