Friday, 19 November 2010

Royal Orb!!

Hey everyonee! :)
Been away for a while due to going back to uni, thanks for everyones messages and emails of support on leaving the blogging world for a while!
As some people might know I'm doing a film and tv design course and i'm mad about production design and props etc.
Here is a royal orb I have just finished making with the help of my lovely Alex :)
It will be used on a brief that has been sent to us by Kodak - exciting! It's meant to have a British theme, but I'm not saying anymore for now! ;)
Hope everyone is ok!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I'm leaving you all for a while :(

I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you all for a while. I have been a very bad blogger of late, but being a bad blogger is hopefully being made up for the fact I'm trying to be a really good student. It's my last year of Uni, and I'm trying to so hard and working so hard to try and get good marks. I hope you can all understand :(

I probably wont be posting on here for a while but I will still be looking at all your blogs and leaving comments :)

And I'm now Tumblr convert, which granted arent my own photos, but takes me a few seconds to do post, whereas I really take my time over this blog, time I dont really have!

I will be back during half terms and reading weeks etc, so keep an eye out for me :)

I hope everyones ok, and no-ones too mad at me! :s


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Visit my new Tumblr site! :D

Hey Everyone! :D
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post, can't wait to be a mermaid! :D
This is the link for my new Tumblr site
Visit, comment, follow! I shall follow all followers in return - if that makes sense!
Hope everyone is well, and happy :D

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

So...too early to be thinking of halloween?

So....too early? Noooooo don't say that ;)
It's never too early to be thinking of your costume!!

And I've learnt my lesson from last year - as you can see from these pictures - I was so busy with Uni work and my weekend job I didn't have time to come up with an amazing outfit. Now anyone whose ever looked at my photos closely might notice I have a little fang ;) so I thought ahha! Vampire! Perfect quick solution.
So last Halloween I raced home from work, slipped on my tightest black skirt, skin tight black meshtop and backcombed my hair into oblivion! :) My sister looked amazing - her outfit was a murdered Miss World, wonderfully grim and gory with a knife sticking out of the middle of her chest.
Me, Aimee and my Mum stood outside our kitchen door in the back garden justthrowing fake blood on her! Such fun :P

Aimee was a kind of Sailor/Zombie/Lady GaGa...I think it worked! I did her make up ;) (p.s how weird and scary does my eyelook here!!??? Suppose it was Halloween though :p)

The entire night there were hardly any smiles for the cameras - it was gory grins, snarls, and screams! :D
Wealso swapped parts of our outfits!
One too many lemonades for Olivia here ;) How confused do I look?:P

Sooo this year I need a bit of planning. I have always, and probably always will, love mermaids. I adore them. Little Mermaid was (and still is ) my favourite film and I always thought they were far more magical and interesting then just some plain boring princess or fairy ;)

SoI've been thinking...why not go as a mermaid this year?

Not as saucy as this one obviously ;) I would have to cover up a bit!
I like this type of mermaid...not as clean cut and a bit wild...

wonderful Pre raphaelite painting of some cheeky sirens

Heres a mermaid from the wonderful Mermaid Parade held on Coney Island New York every summer...if you've never heard of it, google it! Its amazing I hope I can go one day!
How ace does she look!? Don't think I could do the full body paint though...maybe just some shimmer on my collar bones and shoulders?
I know she's not a mermaid haha, but I love this style make up for a mermaid, but maybe replace the purple for a greeny,blue? or maybe a coppery bronze to make my eyes look blue-er? What do you think?
My favourite painting probably ever, I've loved it since I was a child. Were lucky enough to actually house it in our local Art Gallery, and its stunning.

These girls are paid to be mermaids in aquariums ! Can you imagine that, going to your local aquarium, cheking out the fish, and a mermaid floats by....

How cool! :D

How beautiful does she look? :)
Retro Mermaid! :)

This womans called Hanna, and she's a mermaid in the Mermaid Lagoon in Sydney aquarium, she looks really realistic doesnt she? :)

Mermaid hair :) thinking I should do my hair all wiggly and curly and string glittery thread and pearls through it :)


Hhahahaha thought I'd finish with this funny picture ;) Although he does look a little odd, I love the stars in his hair and am thinking of stealing this idea!

So am I the only one who loves and adores Halloween? :) What is everyone else thinking of going as this year? Or what did you go like last year?
Hope everyones ok, and thanks for all the tumblr advice on my last post!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Sorry I've been a bad blogger!

I'm sorry for no recent posts, I've got to say I've been spending a lot of time looking at different tumblr sites - wow! I've never been on tumbler before, but check out, its amazing - I've spent full evenings on there!

So heres a few pics from last night, my first big night out in what seems like forever! Heres a picture of my beautiful sister Lex and my beautiful friend Shona - I can't believe how much we were laughing and giggling and dancing - I didn't want the night to end at all!

I'm wearing my new sheer black shirt from H&M, glad i got staff discount on it, as I'm trying to save pennies at the moment! So Shona and I have been hitting all the charity shops, and my oh my have a picked up some bargains :D


This guy was hilarious! He was like our very own Louie Spence twilring and dancing everywhere haha.

Although she looks thouroughly distressed here she wasnt, she was laughing her head off! Just wanted to show you this pic because you get a clear shot of her headband which I LOVE - it was only £3 from Primark! Can you believe it!? :D

My sister and I had a looooong walk round nearly half our city the other day and wandered down all the cool vintage boutiqey places to shop. This is a recently opened shop which I love looking in - I cant remember the last time I rode a bike but the vintage ones in here are so gorgeous I want one!

Fancy Male Grooming Salon ;) I just love all the shop fronts down this Avenue, I actually grew up down here and moved away when I was 10 but it still feels like home! (Please excuse my sisters pose haha)

Bowes Vintage :D


Stellar Interiors - droool! So many thiings in here that I love, birdcages, chaise lounges, velvet chairs and oddly, temporary dinosaur tattoos! :s haha

PAVE :D Love it in here, we sat and had a drink and a nibble, very chilled out :)

As I was walking home through another part of out town I walked down an avenue that has lots of little tenfoots and snickets running along down the side of it. I looked down this one and saw these two cats lounging around (the other ones a grey one nearly under the right hand side bush - pretty hard to spot!)

You can see him better here :) I just thought they looked so warm and comfy I had to take a pic :)

So as I said I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I hope this one has made up a little bit for it! Also, whats everyone's thoughts on opening a tumblr blog? Does anyone else have one? Any advice on the pro's and cons of them? Thank youuuu! :)
Thank you for all the lovely comments on mine and Alex's Anniversary - they meant a lot :)

Monday, 23 August 2010

The Anniversary Picnic! And feeding the horses :D

So we went to the beach as planned, and our first Anniversary was honestly one of the happiest calmest most fun days of my life :) We just sat and ate and chilled and paddled :)

There were thouuusssands of hoverflies (any other Brits reading - have you noticed the amount of hoverflies lately? Or is it just a Yorkshire invasion of them?) which threatened to ruin our picnic - there were 11 on one of my legs at one point!

But luckily genius Alex came up with a plan! We used our coolbox as a distraction and put its ages away from us and most of them gathered around that instead of us and our food!
That bottle of 'wine' in the above picture was non alcoholic as Alex was driving back, and it tasted nothing like wine but it was so unbeliveably nice! I have no idea how to describe the taste - but it was delicious :D

Us two :D

Alex with a big beam on!

And enjoying one of my yummy cupcakes ;)


Chalk heart made by Alex :D

A toast to us! <3

The gorgeous coast - you wouldn't believe it was Brid would you? :)

The log plume? Flume? I'm never sure what theyre called!

Carousel :)

The HUUUUGE seagull that had his eye on mine and Alexs ice cream ;)

I've been going to Bridlington for years now, and have never noticed this cannon before!

We wandered around the town and bought an ice cream at the stall we bought one from on our first date last year and sat on the same part of the harbour that we sat was so lovely. We drove back home and chilled out for a bit - and watched Father of the Bride 2! What a film!!! I just love the sets, the kitchen and the baby suite is to die for! Alex and I spent a happy hour or so doing impersonations of Fraaaaank ;)
The night finished with a lovely tea out at Frankie and Bennys (the location of our second date) and then back home for a cuddle. It was just such an amazing day/night, I'll never forget it :)
Different note and a bit morbid I know, but this is a grave in the church yard of my Aunty's villiage where we went yesterday. Its cracked open because of something growing inside of it...creepy I know!

I think I'm going to come back nearer Halloween and going to take some more pictures!

Here were some horses that also live in my auntys villiage :)

The black one was a right bully! He kept neighing and bucking his head loads when he was right near us and then kicking the poor blonde one. I've never been scared of horses but I was of him!
I loved this chap though :) He was so calm and friendly, so my Dad and I pulled out loads of grass for him to eat and gave him carrots to eat too :)

Heres my Dad feeding them :)

This brown one was like chomp chomp chomp :D

He was so peaceful and nice, I loved stroking him!
Think he needed a bit of a haircut though bless him ;)


And havent they got beautiful eyes!

As I walked away he stood and watched me go, the turned and sloped off back to his hay....I think I shall visit him again some time :)
He is my Auntys dog, Grace Kelly! She is so beautiful and such a well behaved puppy :)

We kept having these big long cuddles where she'd just flop on my lap like a big lump of rubber :)

We went bramble picking last night, and got a good haul! My mums planning on making bramble wine, ready for Christmas :)
And this was a little birds nest that was visible in one of the bushes! Theyre so clever these little birds, using mud and the teeniest tiniest twigs to fill in the gaps :)

How was everyone elses weekend? Hope everyone had a good one, despite the rain! :D


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