Sunday, 30 May 2010

New Circus Costume!

Here are the first few bits and bobs of my circus project :) I've got a lot of concept drawings that I will scan in later, but I cant be bothered right now. I've felt really down lately, like nothings worth doing! I just need to get that thought process out of my head though because I've got work to do!
This is a feather headband, a bit like a flapper head band. I don't know whose going to wear it yet but oh well!
This is a jacket a pciked up from Scrap Store, a fabulous place where you can get all sorts of crafty bits and bobs for next to no money - this was just hanging up on one of the walls, and I asked whose it was, they explained it was a donation, and for 2 quid I could have it! So I'm going to change it a bit and make it more circusy, but what a find!
This is a dress I picked up in the sale at the place I work, it was completely black before I got hold of it! I've added loadssss of bits and bobs, ribboned shoulders, and built up shoulder pad things,an olvive green tasselled fringing, and heaps of sequins! I'm quite proud of this one, I think it looks very kind of Moulin Rouge-esque.

This is a clown mask I've painted, I think it looks a bit creepy - which is a good thing :)

Friday, 28 May 2010

Comments Problem is Hopefully Fixed!

Hi Everyone!

A couple of people have said to me now that they cant comment on my blog so I've changed a few settings around, and now hopefully you will be able to!!

Please feel free to try because that the only way I'm going to find out :)

Anyway I'm off back to making circus costumes, which you will all see super soon :)


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Roll Up! Roll Up! You Won't Believe Your Eyes Behind This Curtain!

I'm realllllly excited at the moment!!! I'm planning for my big final year project at the moment and its a circus theme - which obviously is brilliant for me because I love all old vaudeville burlesque and odd things which would fit in brilliantly in a circus :)
Im currently drawing a lot of concept art, and making a few bits and bobs for the costumes, so when I get a few things finished I'll post the pics up here!

Also the lovely Shona from A Polaroid Dream ( is helping me with the costumes etc which is a god send because she's like the vintage retro costume queen!!! :)

Anyway more to come soon :)

Monday, 24 May 2010

Lets Go To The Seaside

So I was working all day Saturday unfortunately, so I didnt have a chance to bask in the sunshine, but I was off all Sunday so Alex and I set off for Scarbourough :)

However we headed up to Bridlington, where it was bright sunshine, and the second we head past Brid, its all black clouds and rain! Yes, RAIN. We couldnt believe it, he was in shorts and t-shirt and I was in a tiny summer dress! Luckily we only got caught in a few big splotchy rain drops before the sun broke through again :)

All this pictures are back to front, with this gorgeous moon picture at the start, it was actually taken on the way home! So these pictures are our day at the seaside - only backwards :)

Sand Art :)

Feet! :)

Alex et Moi :) Havent got a clue what that redline is across us, it wasnt like that on my computer or camera! :s

This was the quiet beach, the one I much prefer :)

I loved this rock, it stood out so much from the sea, I could imagine a mermaid sitting on top of it combing her hair :) instead this seagull seemed pretty happy perched there looking around at everything.

Fun Fair!

All the sea weed floating about in the harbour.

Alex buying a crab (bleurgh) and my odd shadow!

I loved this little bike, its so cute! It was parked outside of a craft fair, and the basket on the front was filled with wooden, paper and real flowers! I also quite like the steps its parked near.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Sorry for the double post today but I had to get a picture of these in before theyre all eaten up!!!
So I'm cleaning in the kitchen,wandering around to a bit of Led Zep as you do, and I open the fridge and what do I find? Millionares Shortbread!
My Mum (who is a very talented cook although she profusely denies this) had made these last night and I only just discovered them this afternoon! luckily I had a square though, and they taste as good as they look I can assure you :)


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Hello everybody! :) What a lovely sunny day it is today :) I took these yesterday just before I went to my boyfriends to have a BBQ and to sit under his apple tree with all his family having an al fresco tea, it was lovely :)
Also have to say a big wooo hooo to my friends Shona and Emily who have just set up their own blogs, here are the links for you :)


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