Sunday, 30 May 2010

New Circus Costume!

Here are the first few bits and bobs of my circus project :) I've got a lot of concept drawings that I will scan in later, but I cant be bothered right now. I've felt really down lately, like nothings worth doing! I just need to get that thought process out of my head though because I've got work to do!
This is a feather headband, a bit like a flapper head band. I don't know whose going to wear it yet but oh well!
This is a jacket a pciked up from Scrap Store, a fabulous place where you can get all sorts of crafty bits and bobs for next to no money - this was just hanging up on one of the walls, and I asked whose it was, they explained it was a donation, and for 2 quid I could have it! So I'm going to change it a bit and make it more circusy, but what a find!
This is a dress I picked up in the sale at the place I work, it was completely black before I got hold of it! I've added loadssss of bits and bobs, ribboned shoulders, and built up shoulder pad things,an olvive green tasselled fringing, and heaps of sequins! I'm quite proud of this one, I think it looks very kind of Moulin Rouge-esque.

This is a clown mask I've painted, I think it looks a bit creepy - which is a good thing :)


AYoung said...

i love the dress, what will you be doing with it after filming?

Olivia said...

errrmmmm not sure! i'll probs keep it for sentimental value! x


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