Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Happy Days

Yesterday I had such a lovely day. I've been feeling so bad lately, all down and unhappy, not really sure why. So Alex and I took my Ang out into East Park and took her for a nice walk. It was so sunny and such a lovely day it really cheered me up, two of my favourite people (I class Ang as a person haha) and I just chilling. We could only take her so far because she's an old girl now, and her legs shake when she walks too far.
So we walked her up round the edge of the park, then across and sat down for a bit. We got a bowl out and filled it up with water so she could have a drink and a chill and we just sat in the sun :)

I think Ang feels really comfortable with Alex now, she's always a bit wary of new people (even though he's not really new!) She's so comfy with him now she kept giving him kisses and rolling over to get her belly tickled!
I appreciate Alex so much for cheering me up. I know I can talk to him about anything.
I'm sat watching Australia the Baz Lurhmann film this morning, its such a good film - but just so sad! Hugh Jackman makes up for it though :D
Anyway think I'm going to take some more just pretty pictures soon so keep posted.


staylor said...

awwh bless x


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