Friday, 18 June 2010

In Fair Verona.... Letters to Juliet

So my sister, Aimee and I went out to the cinemas the other night, as our Aims needed a bit of cheering up. After plenty of giggling and a kerfuffle in the queue while we were buying our ice cream (the staff always get the order wrong if my sister is ordering, I think they all fancy her and get distracted) we finally settled down in our seats to watch Letters To Juliet. Just a typical girlie rom-com, but as we love typical girlie rom-coms, we thoguth it was ace!
And I now obviously want to go to Verona and travel Italy now :) I honestly think I could live on their diet :)
In the story, theres these women who answer the love letters that people pin on the wall below Juliets balcony, and I found out people have been pinning their problems and broken hearts onto that wall for well over a century! I bet that wall has seen so much heartbreak, but a lot of hope as well :)



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