Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Summer Summer Summer Time!

Sorry I havent posted much lately, I've been preoccupied with the thought of my HOLIDAY!!! I am going to Portugal with my gorgeous boyfriend and his lovely family, and I can't wait. So Ihave been spending my days in Monica-esque fashion making lists and lists, and then lists of my lists of things to pack,buying last minute bots and bobs and frantically working out in an attempt to get a flatter tummy! (not really working but hey ho)

So here are just some beautiful pictures, not of mine, (obviously, theyre farrrr too good to be mine!) but that remind me of summerrr, and happy times :)

Friday, 18 June 2010

In Fair Verona.... Letters to Juliet

So my sister, Aimee and I went out to the cinemas the other night, as our Aims needed a bit of cheering up. After plenty of giggling and a kerfuffle in the queue while we were buying our ice cream (the staff always get the order wrong if my sister is ordering, I think they all fancy her and get distracted) we finally settled down in our seats to watch Letters To Juliet. Just a typical girlie rom-com, but as we love typical girlie rom-coms, we thoguth it was ace!
And I now obviously want to go to Verona and travel Italy now :) I honestly think I could live on their diet :)
In the story, theres these women who answer the love letters that people pin on the wall below Juliets balcony, and I found out people have been pinning their problems and broken hearts onto that wall for well over a century! I bet that wall has seen so much heartbreak, but a lot of hope as well :)

Monday, 14 June 2010

Our Dresser :)

We have an old welsh dresser in our veranda which we painted white and it holds all sorts of lovely things :) Theres quite often little seedling plants growing on trays on the top, tea cups and tea pots, pretty vases, cookbooks full of yummy cake recipes, and this little book! It really is full of Pocket Positives, and I love the way the book looks old fashioned :) I adore this little moss heart, its my sisters I think, but I'm not sure. She manages to get hold of loads of little bits and bobs because of her being a florist :)

I got this unusual little glass in a charity shop, my mum makes these little cinnamon bundles at Christmas time, and I adore this little fairy creatures we have dotted round the house :)

Old keys, heart shaped candles, stacks of tea cups, fairytale books, cinnamon bundles - I'd love to live on that shelf!

Stack of my Mum's teacups

Also some exciting news, my Aunty B has a beautifullll cottage up in the Yorkshire Dales, and right next to the villiage that the beautiful cottage lives in, theres these waterfalls!

And my Aunty Barbara has very kindly said that Alex and I can go up and stay in her cottage for a few days, and we are thinking of going in August or July :) We already have days of lounging around by the river, him fishing and me taking photos and sketching planned, and making huge chocolate cakes and going to the villiage pub that was built in the 17th century! Very ooollldd hahah. Cant wait :)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Friends and New Pages!

Again, these pictures have uploaded back to front! So this is Bert our toad escaping into the pond.
This is him just about to go...

This is him thinking about jumping back into the water...

Here is Berty the toad :)

Wellll, I've been very busy this last week, working on my friend Ryan's film - he's asked me to build a robot costume, as realistic as possible! Eeek! Bit of a break from my usual stuff bit oh well I'm learning arent I :)
I'm getting behind on a lot of my own work though so I've taken today off and I'm catching myself up again :)
Last night this little fellow made himself known to us in the garden :) I've called him Berty. If he is a Prince in disguise, he didn't seem keen on returning to his human form because after a while he quite happily jumped back into the pond :) what a cutie.

By the way I have my new pages down the left handside of my blog now, feel free to have a look :)


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Childhood Jewelry Box! :D

I was in my sisters bedroom the other day and I found one of our old jewelry boxes from when we were little, it was such a flash back when I saw it! We used to put all our Disney necklaces in it, little shiny stones, heart shaped pebbles that we found,little notes and hand drawn maps of made up kingdoms!

And although I havent heard it in ages, I remembered the little tune the ballerina inside danced to note for note! :)

Friday, 4 June 2010

Why did I dream of you last night?

We've been given a project to do over the summer which will be marked in October, and its based on one of our cities most famous poets Phillip Larkin. We have to pick a poem that he hs written, and make a film of it. Now, I really don't like Phillip Larkin, I think he was a gloomy, sexist, bigotted man, but hey ho. But, I found a poem that was actually quite touching, and I thought of doing a little stop animation film for it. Here's the poem.
Why did I dream of you last night?
Now morning is pushing back hair with grey light
Memories strike home like slaps in the face
Raised on elbow I stare at the pale fog
beyond the window
So many things I had thought forgotton
Return to my mind with stranger pain
Like letters that arrive addressed to someone
Who left the house so many years ago.

I don't know why but it just really stood out to me, this poem. We've all had it where we are happy with what we've got, and then one night, you dream about something, or someone from the past,something or someone that you had tried to blot from your memory. I've certainly had it, and I've actually felt guilty about it afterwards, even though I have no control over my dreams - I sometimes wish I did!

I thought that I could make a film about an old lady, who wakes up from a dream, about an old teenage sweetheart. She'd not forgotton him, but simply simply 'put him away' in her mind - he was important to her, but her life moved on and she's a different woman. After years of living her life without him, she has a dream about him, which prompts her to dig out her secret book, in which she keeps precious bits and bobs that encapsulated their romance - letters, cinema tickets, flowers, a necklace he gave her, perfume, and a photograph.

let me know what you think of these concept photos :)



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