Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Summer Summer Summer Time!

Sorry I havent posted much lately, I've been preoccupied with the thought of my HOLIDAY!!! I am going to Portugal with my gorgeous boyfriend and his lovely family, and I can't wait. So Ihave been spending my days in Monica-esque fashion making lists and lists, and then lists of my lists of things to pack,buying last minute bots and bobs and frantically working out in an attempt to get a flatter tummy! (not really working but hey ho)

So here are just some beautiful pictures, not of mine, (obviously, theyre farrrr too good to be mine!) but that remind me of summerrr, and happy times :)


kat said...

My favourite is the girl with the butterfly.
Just wondering who it's by? Kat

Olivia said...

Hey kat :)
I thought you would like the butterfly one! :)
I don't know who its by unfortunately, but I found it on this blog if it helps :)

hope youre ok! :D


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