Monday, 5 July 2010

Back from Lagos

Well I'm back from Portugal :)
We were there on the hottest day of the year that Portugal had seen so far - and God it was hot! It was around 38 degrees I couldnt believe it - even the breeze was like when you open the oven door!
But it was very beautiful. The sea was bright sapphire blues,turquoises and jade colours, the sand was white, and at night the sky would stay an orangey gold for hours :)
And look! Even Mary went on holiday :)

This was a church that Alex and I walked past on a Sunday, it was ace you could hear people singing hymns inside.

This was part of the old fort, and although you cant see them here there were THOUSANDS of little tiny black birds (they looked like swallows but I don't know what they were!) flying around and living in the walls.

This was outside Eddies bar during the day, and as it was baking, this dog (that actually belonged to the Three Monkeys Bar was laid out in the shade :)
And I dont blame him!

This was a cool green tiled shop that sold tiny handmade wooden toys.

This is a cheeky picture that Alex took of me on the beach! :)

Our sun loungers with the straw umbrellas
Alex chomping on some yummy watermelon we'd picked up at Pingo Doce the local supermarket that morning :)

At this point in the week I wasnt so self concious about being pale - as you can tell! Later on though I slapped the fake tan on haha.

Mainly because of the colour of these beautiful people! I know you should be happy with your own skin but these Portugeuse young'uns had such beautiful deep cinnamon skin I couldnt help but be jealous!
They were all about 16-20 and they were all so nice - they actually chased us down the street and were hey guys come and watch the game with us! :) They were teaching us Portogeuse football chants, and their English was amazing with such a cute accent!

This was the night og the Spain v Portugal world cup game - there was a fierce rivalry!!! It was such a fun sunny night though. And yes, that is Alex with a dreaded Vuvuzela :p

On the beach playing with the shells we found :D

Alex and I :)

This was a gap in some of the rocks around the marina and river, covered in spiderwebs!

I thought this was such a cool van :)

This was a little cat house that was built for all the stray cts that were wandering round (I've never seen so many cats in my life haha) I just thought they were so cute!

The train to Porto Mao!

Our tickets - I like tickets :)
Our seat numbers :)

PortoMao station :)

Everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE was covered in these little cobbly things on the floor, all over PortoMao and in Lgos - they looked so nice!

Tucking into our lunch in Porto Mao

Dont have a clue what this was but we passed it on the way home and it was ace! I think it was like a little family tree of some kind with each person having a golden leaf each :)

Some graffiti in Porto Mao
Our night out! With Alex's sister and brother in law :)
Sounds daft, but I didnt see the moon for about 4 days at night in Portugal - I was getting a bit worried. Where was it? Did Portugal not have a moon!!???
But then on the way back from our night out I saw it :)

Enjoying our ornage juice in the Pickle and Pie before our boat trip round the caves or 'Grottos' as they call them :)
They called this one the elephant!

These were little water taxis just hanging out in the little green lagoons waiting to transport people to all the teeny tiny beaches that were tucked inbetween all the coves - one was a nudey beach! But despite Alex's thourough searching, he couldnt see one nudey on the beach :p
Us looking very fetching in our life jackets :p
This was one of my favourite bits of the caves it was just so pretty :)

Some of the menu boards outside a local restaraunt :)
One of the most mundane things that I just thought was amazing was all the wild flowers growing everywhere - there were hibiscus trees! Just growing! Hahah I thought it was ace.
I would definitely go back, its such a lovely place and every Portogeuse person I met were beyond friendly and helpful. The bars were fabby, the food and drink was yummy ( I now have a new found love of Portogeuse style steak :D) and the beaches were stunning.
This holiday also made me appreciate Alex even more than I already did whcih I didnt think was possible :D He knows why :)


Anonymous said...

These photos are gorgeous! I love the flowers and the cobbled floors and the grottos/caves. Gorgeous post! xxx

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Beautiful photos of a wonderful Holiday! Looks like you had a blast! Welcome home! ~Maryjane

Olivia said...

Thanks girls! It was such an amazing place, I'd recomend it to anyone and everyone! Hope you two are ok :D xxx

Winnie said...

Oh you took some fantastic photos on holiday too! I have the holiday blues and just want to go away again haha!

You're right, the Portuguese have a gorgeous skin tone!

Olivia said...

Same here! I came home, and after telling my Sis what it was like she went right dont unpack, ive got some cash in the bank - lets go back just us two! I was that close to saying yes!

they do dont they, even more enviable when you're as white as a lilly! haha



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