Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Fairytales inside my notebook

I have a thing about notebooks - I have milllllllions! I just like them, again,like with keys, I dont know why.

But I also love finding old ones that I havent used in ages! I usualy use maybe half the notebook then buy another one and start in there.

I had been meaning to take pictures of these little pop up things ( I dont really know what to call them) ages ago, but, being me, by that time I'd moved onto another notebook...

But, I rediscovered it, and took pictures of a lot of the stuff in there just to show you :)

This is Little Red Riding Hood

Carrying her basket

Heres a knight coming to rescue a princess in her tower :) (sorry its a bit fuzzy)

I like his hair :)

Some eyes haha

These were some sketches of an idea I had for a film a while agao, I'd still like to do it but the set would be too complicated! This on the right this is a sketch of what my bedroom looked like in my old house when I was a kid,it was quite nice remembering all the little details :)

Goldielocks and the Three Bears :)

I liked the little swedishy type style of the house :)

The Three Bears

Her House :)

This one didnt work as well, but I still love it. I love mermaids and The litle Mermaid etc. It was my faaaave film when i was little (and still now haha) so this one was kind of inspired by that :)

Palm reading hand :)

Bit of a random post but there you go :)



Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this! Your cut-out scenes are amazing and your illustrations are adorable, and you're very good at drawing. I used to have several notebooks like yours but I threw them all away :(

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Bonjour Olivia. Those "pop up things" (no, I don't know what they're called either) look stunning, like beautiful and delicate little works of art, nice post. Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog and joining me. I hope I won't disappoint in the future ;-) Love from London x

Olivia said...

Thanks Natasha! I really want to get back into drawing but all my Uni work is gobbling up my time! Hopefully I'll get back into it :)
And as if youve thrown them away! Noooo! I've got to say though I'm a bit of a hoarder i keep everything! My attics crammed! :s

And thank you Mademoiselle Poirot, I enjoy looking at your blog so it was no trouble stopping by :)
I really must think of a name for them mustnt I...hmmm...


Winnie said...

I loved pop-up books as a child...even better if there were doors you could open etc. Did you ever read the Jolly postman series? I used to ADORE that!

Olivia said...

Yeah I did! we had the Jolly Postamns Christmas or something like that, it had little letters that you could take out of the little envelopes and read, aw my god it was amazing! haha
We had a big dolls house one too that had doors and drawers that opened too might have to take a pic of that someday soon! :)

Thanks for commenting on my post lovelys :)


Georgianna said...

Very, very beautiful and inspiring, Olivia! So glad you saved these – they're so special. Have a great week! xo

Olivia said...

Thanks Georgianna! Wow everyones said such lovely things about these, I might make some more!

Thanks again, and you have a great week too! :)


olivia said...

I love your paper cut outs!


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