Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Key To...

I love keys. I dont know why I just do. Old fashioned ones mind you, not these horrible new yale ones. And I always think when I find little old keys or large old keys, Hmmm. I wonder what they opened. Probably just a boring drawer full of boring paper work but still... Imagine if you just found a key stuck in the floor like mysterious!

Or you found one in a little nook or cranny somewhere, you can imagine going on some wild adventure to find a treasure chest that it opens...

Would you even notice it? Or walk straight on by?

Violet didn't! She noticed this one straight away :)

Violet hasnt been mentioned on here before, she is my sisters beloved doggy, and she's ace :)

And she found this tiny key.... :)

What would you do if you found a key hanging from a tree? What on earth would that open?

What would you do if you found a Tree of Keys!?

Can you imagine what all these would open? What you could find?

Doors, treasure chests, locks....
Gates, hearts, trap doors...

What would a massive one like this open? What could be precious enough or dangerous enough that warranted a lock that needed a key that big?

And above these keys,a few weeks earlier I found...

Our birds nest :)

We have a lot of birds in our garden, but this is the first big nest weve found thats actually in use - I'm suprised mummy blackbird isnt in there actually she usually is...

So, if you found a lock,embedded into the floor, and you found the tiny silver key that fit into that tiny gold keyhole - what would you want to find?

A door? Where would it lead? Treasure? What treasure would it be?

Let me know :)



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