Thursday, 28 April 2011

Whitby in the Sunshine

Just a few pictures my mine and Alex's latest trip to Whitby. Bit of a lazy post I'm afraid, as I am incredibly ill at the moment with some horrible bug!

Thank you so much for all the supportive comments on my last post and for liking the page for my film on Facebook!

For those of you who havent yet, CLICK HERE to like the page! :)

Hope you're all ok


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

'99 Forever - Edit done!

 Hey Everybody :) 
So the edit of '99 Forever is pretty much done! :D I'm so happy, this finally means I'm a little bit ahead of myself - still a lot of other work to do though! Got some really interesting shoots coming up including a viral advertising campaign for a couture fashion boutique - cool eh? 

Anyway here's some more pictures of the set for you to look at :)

Also, can I ask you all to do me a huge favour? :)

I've made a facebook page for '99 Forever, as we get marked on how we promote the film. If any of you have facebook CLICK HERE to 'Like' the page! It would really mean a lot to me if you would, and show how much my beloved blogger community support the film :)

Ta Ta for now! :)

p.s A big Hello to my new followers too! :D 


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Pretty Picnic - Short Video

Hi Everyone!
Thanks so much on your comments for the pretty picnic! And hello there to my new followers! :D
I did mention this in the last post, but the link wasnt very clear so here is the short video of the picnic that my good friend Tom Lee shot and put together. Its only a minute long, give it a watch! :D

Hope everyones ok :)

p.s turn the volume up reallllly loud when you watch it, the musics quiet! :)

Pretty Picnic from tom lee on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Pretty Picnic Set

 Hi Everyone! Thanks for the last comments on the last set - heres it's other half, the pretty, au natural picnic :) I made this yesterday in some local wooded area that we have and I'm really proud of it - hopefully it looked good on film too. Unfortunately, my big glass bell jar that I utterly adore got smashed when taking everything back to the cars that carried the equipment and props - I am devastated :(

RIP Bell Jar :( <3

Makes you want to laze around at a picnic in the sun doesnt it! :) Is anyone planning on having a picnic this year? 
Also,check out this video, where my good friend Tom made a small edit of pretty scenes from the picnic :)


Saturday, 9 April 2011

Set Design for Unrest


Hey everyone! Long time no post I know, I know, but it's because I've been super super busy doing set design for my lovely friend Adam, and his Film Unrest. I thought I'd share some of the pictures here with you :)
 It's meant to be  surreally bright colourful wacky tea party that's going on in someone's mind, like a fantasy,hence all the garish colours!

 I love the way how the picnic is the centrel focus feature, and the rest of the room drops off into blackness...

 Some of you might recognise those lamps from somewhere before.... ;)

So there we go! Got loads more from the sets (Theres wayyy more than one this time!) to post up in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled! One really cool one includes a beach, inside a room. Sounds impossible but it's not trust me ;) Also got apersonal one to go up from mine and Alex's amazing mini break to Whitby, some lush photos to share!

Hope you're all ok and enjoying this gorgeous weather! Think it's about tiime Mother Nature took pity on us freezing Brits and gave us a bit of sunshine ;)



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