Monday, 26 July 2010

Out and About and Bits and Bobs

Theres been a lot going on in the past two weeks so I just thought I'd share a few of the photos I've been taking with you :) This is my beautiful sister and I out two weeks ago having a boogie! :)
This is a friend that I was sooo close to through high school - then we fell out! But were friends again now and had a chat on the same night out. I like this photo because its fuzzy and just looks cool!

I havent edited this picture AT ALL. :D This is actually what the sky looked like a few weeks ago, it was beautiful.

I dont know what these coloured glass things are but I saw them at this antique fair we went to and I thought they were really cool!

Rocking horse :)

I loves these little handmade fairy houses, just made out of twigs and things!

I love these Love signs :D

I LOVE all these old fashioned cameras :)

Apparantly my Nana used to use a type writer like this :)
How cute is this mini rocking horse! :)
Vintage ballet slippers :)

French 1940's love postcards :)

I love this gold skull, I think it looks a bit steam punk? It was in an art gallery in Liverpool, made by college students!

I love this too, its a fish but made of little tiny pieces of pocket watches, it was amazing :)

Cheese shop in Chester :)
I love this clock in the middle of Chester, in fact I love the entire city! :)

I can never go into PaperChase without leaving with something, and I bought a lovely notebook (those of you who already know, another notebook thats been added to my massive collection hahah)
But I saw these postcards and I thought how much they looked like my lovely friend Shona and I! :)

Pretty swans on the river :) I love how they mate for life, so I always think that theyre husband and wife when I see them paddling down the river :)
A pretty bridge! :)

A real picture of Shona and I on a recent night out
Me and Chris having a boogie! I'm so pale haha :

I'm feeling quite ill lately, need to get myself feeling better! I'm seeing my gorgeous Alex tonight, because hes been away on a training course all week, so I'm really looking forward to that, I just hope I'm not a big sicky mess when I see him!
What has everyone been up to over the weekend or last week? Hope you didnt try and cram in as much as I did, maybe thats why I'm under the weather!! :/

Sunday, 18 July 2010

This is my Filmmmm :)

Hey everyone, I've finally resolved what I'm going to do for my third year project - I'm going to go ahead with the Millenium film, and simply make the sets of the circus film and film/photograph them :)

Feel much happier now.

And heres my film from last year :) the qualities rubbbish but oh well you get the idea :)


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Dazed and Confused...Help!

So at the moment I am in a horrible thing - a creative rut! And I am resembling thsi girl in the Diet Coke advert more and more the more stressed I get about it (although I dont dance on the tables)

Next year at Uni I have to make a film, a big film, all my own story and work and everything, and its worth a lot of points, sooo you can understand that the actual story has to be pretty good and a lot of time and thought must go into picking what I want to make...

The first idea that i had was to recreate something I did as a child, on Millenium Eve. I was so scared about the future and going into the next year, decade, century, and millenium ( I was 9 at the time so all i ever knew was the Nineties) that i didnt want to leave it.

This is two pages from my sketchbook that I was using to sketch memories I had of that night. Thats how mine and my sisters bedroom looked,and that the bottle I used. I also remember staring out my window at all the fireworks going off and starting to panic,because time was running out.

I knew that next year I would be 10 - double digits! Yuck. I'd have to start High School pretty soon after that. I'd have to act all grown up. I wouldn't be able to play with my toys anymore, I'd have to drink, and smoke and kiss gross looking boys - basically everything I'd ever seen on Grange Hill and As If.

I desperately thought of different fantasical ways I could stop time or at least freeze it for a little while so that I could stay there, in 1999, forever.

In the end I grabbed one of the little coloured glass bottles that my sister and I used to play with (all sorts of imaginary concoctions were created in them :D) and scooped up some of the air inside the bottle, and corked in firmly shut. In my mind, it would be '99 forever inside that bottle. No other factors would change it as long as I kept it corked, the Millenium couldnt touch it, it would never become old.

So I'm thinking it would be so much fun recreating a girls bedroom from the Nineties, putting all sorts of little nostalgic bits and bobs in there, making little tents out of bedsheets,having fairylights all over the ceiling,toys,music boxes, drawings, old videos and CD's...

And I've found all this beautiful photgraphy that has inspired me on different ways how to make children look so dreamy and etheral on film.

I had this idea near Christmas time (thats how far ahead I plan things haha).

But, I also had another idea which I have done substantially more work on which is a circus themed film.

I had an idea of three yobbish boys approaching an old depleted shabby looking stall on a street, where a Ringmaster in a tatty red jacket sat in front of a pair of old red velvet curtains.

As a magic trick, the ringmaster would make three beeeeautiful circus girls appear from behind the curtain, and lure the boys behind the curtain...

Behind the curtain, they wouldn't believe their eyes. A large circus in a tent would sprawl out before them, when they thought they would simply be faced with the brickwall of the street the ringmaster was sat in. Strong men, clowns, jugglers, fire eaters, stiltwalkers, contortionists and all sorts of odd extravagant characters would be running around, getting the three boys in the carnival spirit...

But, slowly and surely, the circus folk begin to turn more agressive and vicious, eventually pinning down the boys and roughly forcing them into clown outfits and wigs, slapping make up on their faces.

We then see the street stall again with the same Ringmaster sat there, until three girls approach the stall. He performs his magic trick and 3 boistrerous clowns emerge from behind the curtain to lure the girls inside, and we see there are the three boys he lured in before.

Now I love both these ideas, equally, although I have spent a lot more time doing artwork, scripts and even making costumes for the circus one. I had this sudden moment of clarity the other day afer finally finishing the circus script, and realised - its SO much work. The cast would be well over 20, the sets would be huge, and the expense would be too. And, knowing myself pretty well, I think I would become overwhelmed by them amount of organisation involved ( a struggled with my last film) and I wouldnt be able to make it as beautiful as I would have wanted.

But, if I pulled it off, it would look amazing.

And the first idea, the Millenium bottle one, I think could look amazing too, and would be a lot simpler to do,still hard work but simpler.

I really am in a pickle and I honestly don't know what choice to make :(

Any Advice anyone? :(


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Fairytales inside my notebook

I have a thing about notebooks - I have milllllllions! I just like them, again,like with keys, I dont know why.

But I also love finding old ones that I havent used in ages! I usualy use maybe half the notebook then buy another one and start in there.

I had been meaning to take pictures of these little pop up things ( I dont really know what to call them) ages ago, but, being me, by that time I'd moved onto another notebook...

But, I rediscovered it, and took pictures of a lot of the stuff in there just to show you :)

This is Little Red Riding Hood

Carrying her basket

Heres a knight coming to rescue a princess in her tower :) (sorry its a bit fuzzy)

I like his hair :)

Some eyes haha

These were some sketches of an idea I had for a film a while agao, I'd still like to do it but the set would be too complicated! This on the right this is a sketch of what my bedroom looked like in my old house when I was a kid,it was quite nice remembering all the little details :)

Goldielocks and the Three Bears :)

I liked the little swedishy type style of the house :)

The Three Bears

Her House :)

This one didnt work as well, but I still love it. I love mermaids and The litle Mermaid etc. It was my faaaave film when i was little (and still now haha) so this one was kind of inspired by that :)

Palm reading hand :)

Bit of a random post but there you go :)



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