Sunday, 18 July 2010

This is my Filmmmm :)

Hey everyone, I've finally resolved what I'm going to do for my third year project - I'm going to go ahead with the Millenium film, and simply make the sets of the circus film and film/photograph them :)

Feel much happier now.

And heres my film from last year :) the qualities rubbbish but oh well you get the idea :)



Anonymous said...

Thank you so mcuh for your amazing comment, I loved what you wrote and I saw the trailer for the film, but I'll definitely try and get a hold of the book too. Started watching your film, but I'm off to exercise so shall watch some more later :) xxx

Winnie said...

Sounds like an amazing project. I envy the fact that you're entering your final year of uni. I'm entering my final months of my degree too...cannot believe it's all going to over so soon!

Anonymous said...

That sounds brilliant, I love blackcurrants and don't worry, everyone's allowed to enjoy a yummy dessert once in a while! xxx

Anonymous said...

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