Monday, 14 June 2010

Our Dresser :)

We have an old welsh dresser in our veranda which we painted white and it holds all sorts of lovely things :) Theres quite often little seedling plants growing on trays on the top, tea cups and tea pots, pretty vases, cookbooks full of yummy cake recipes, and this little book! It really is full of Pocket Positives, and I love the way the book looks old fashioned :) I adore this little moss heart, its my sisters I think, but I'm not sure. She manages to get hold of loads of little bits and bobs because of her being a florist :)

I got this unusual little glass in a charity shop, my mum makes these little cinnamon bundles at Christmas time, and I adore this little fairy creatures we have dotted round the house :)

Old keys, heart shaped candles, stacks of tea cups, fairytale books, cinnamon bundles - I'd love to live on that shelf!

Stack of my Mum's teacups

Also some exciting news, my Aunty B has a beautifullll cottage up in the Yorkshire Dales, and right next to the villiage that the beautiful cottage lives in, theres these waterfalls!

And my Aunty Barbara has very kindly said that Alex and I can go up and stay in her cottage for a few days, and we are thinking of going in August or July :) We already have days of lounging around by the river, him fishing and me taking photos and sketching planned, and making huge chocolate cakes and going to the villiage pub that was built in the 17th century! Very ooollldd hahah. Cant wait :)



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