Sunday, 16 May 2010

Looking Forward

No pictures from my own camera or collection today, I've been very busy with birthdays and Uni and work,and havent had time to smell the roses really,therefore no pretty pictures to look at. But, as it was my birthday on friday, I thought I'd put up a few pictures of Amelie, one of the most gorgeous films in the world. I had a copy on DVD years ago but after being lent to so many friends it got scratched, so my lovely Alex bought my a replacement copy :)

I am thinking of a change in where I work. It is making me unhappy, which is sad because I used to love my little weekend job. I have seena another job advertised in a window,and I am thinking of applying for it - its working in a bookshop :) which of course I will love. But anyway, wish me luck :)



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