Wednesday, 12 May 2010

All Babes Are Wolves

Yayyy!!!! I've finished my second year of Uni!!! Well sort of, my last hand ins on Monday, but I've neaaarlyyy finsihed, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Such a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders now a lot of my projects are in, I can't begin to tell you how stressful this year has been.
But, far more importantly, (:D) its my lovely boyfriends birthday today! 23 years old, so that means for 2 days he is precisiely 4 years older than me :p Which makes him (his words not mine) a Sugar Daddy - I'm not so sure!
Anyway, I was hunting through a load of my Uni work and I found last summers scrap book which I made, so here are a few selected pages of it. There are so many brilliant times I was in danger of forgetting if I had not scribbled something down about it or taken a few snapshots. I would reccomend making a scrapbook of your summer to anyone :)



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