Friday, 3 September 2010

Sorry I've been a bad blogger!

I'm sorry for no recent posts, I've got to say I've been spending a lot of time looking at different tumblr sites - wow! I've never been on tumbler before, but check out, its amazing - I've spent full evenings on there!

So heres a few pics from last night, my first big night out in what seems like forever! Heres a picture of my beautiful sister Lex and my beautiful friend Shona - I can't believe how much we were laughing and giggling and dancing - I didn't want the night to end at all!

I'm wearing my new sheer black shirt from H&M, glad i got staff discount on it, as I'm trying to save pennies at the moment! So Shona and I have been hitting all the charity shops, and my oh my have a picked up some bargains :D


This guy was hilarious! He was like our very own Louie Spence twilring and dancing everywhere haha.

Although she looks thouroughly distressed here she wasnt, she was laughing her head off! Just wanted to show you this pic because you get a clear shot of her headband which I LOVE - it was only £3 from Primark! Can you believe it!? :D

My sister and I had a looooong walk round nearly half our city the other day and wandered down all the cool vintage boutiqey places to shop. This is a recently opened shop which I love looking in - I cant remember the last time I rode a bike but the vintage ones in here are so gorgeous I want one!

Fancy Male Grooming Salon ;) I just love all the shop fronts down this Avenue, I actually grew up down here and moved away when I was 10 but it still feels like home! (Please excuse my sisters pose haha)

Bowes Vintage :D


Stellar Interiors - droool! So many thiings in here that I love, birdcages, chaise lounges, velvet chairs and oddly, temporary dinosaur tattoos! :s haha

PAVE :D Love it in here, we sat and had a drink and a nibble, very chilled out :)

As I was walking home through another part of out town I walked down an avenue that has lots of little tenfoots and snickets running along down the side of it. I looked down this one and saw these two cats lounging around (the other ones a grey one nearly under the right hand side bush - pretty hard to spot!)

You can see him better here :) I just thought they looked so warm and comfy I had to take a pic :)

So as I said I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I hope this one has made up a little bit for it! Also, whats everyone's thoughts on opening a tumblr blog? Does anyone else have one? Any advice on the pro's and cons of them? Thank youuuu! :)
Thank you for all the lovely comments on mine and Alex's Anniversary - they meant a lot :)


inge luciana said...

hey, thanks for your comment :)
yeaah!! me too.. really love make up!!hehe
wow, this headband is so cute and very cheap! lucky her. nice trip anyway, love your city's photos :)

Lindsey said...

Cute blog and oh so fun pics!!! Loving the headband too!

Anonymous said...

just come across your blog. wow, cool photos! looks like you had a blast that night!
making a tumblr is fun. i really recommend it. it's really easy to use anyway, LOL. let us know here if you make one! :D

Castor Pollux

Victoria said...

You guys look great ! :)
Nice pictures, all those places seems so cute

Jennifer said...

Nice pictures and don't worry about the lack of posts, life gets in the way and it's completely understandable! I've never had a tumblr acct and I prob won't ever, I can barely keep up with this blog!

Oh and in response to your comment I am proud of myself, but moving has definitely not come without it's challenges that's for sure!

Olivia said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! Yeah her headband is realllly cute isnt it, think I shall have to steal it! ;)
And also thanks for the advice of tumblr....but I think I'm too similar to Jenifer to keep a tumblr up to date - I find it hard keeping up with this blog! :s

Thank you all again, I love all your comments and kindness :)


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are all so pretty, especially the cat ones. It's great when you rediscover your old town. I walked through our local park for the first time in at least 10 years today and loved it! Tumblr's fun, but I keep opening accounts and the closing them because I lose so much time on there. xxx

Winnie said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! Also loving the shots of the shops, I wish there were more independent shops around Birmingham, they're so much more interesting to look at rather than the stock high street stores!


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