Wednesday, 8 September 2010

So...too early to be thinking of halloween?

So....too early? Noooooo don't say that ;)
It's never too early to be thinking of your costume!!

And I've learnt my lesson from last year - as you can see from these pictures - I was so busy with Uni work and my weekend job I didn't have time to come up with an amazing outfit. Now anyone whose ever looked at my photos closely might notice I have a little fang ;) so I thought ahha! Vampire! Perfect quick solution.
So last Halloween I raced home from work, slipped on my tightest black skirt, skin tight black meshtop and backcombed my hair into oblivion! :) My sister looked amazing - her outfit was a murdered Miss World, wonderfully grim and gory with a knife sticking out of the middle of her chest.
Me, Aimee and my Mum stood outside our kitchen door in the back garden justthrowing fake blood on her! Such fun :P

Aimee was a kind of Sailor/Zombie/Lady GaGa...I think it worked! I did her make up ;) (p.s how weird and scary does my eyelook here!!??? Suppose it was Halloween though :p)

The entire night there were hardly any smiles for the cameras - it was gory grins, snarls, and screams! :D
Wealso swapped parts of our outfits!
One too many lemonades for Olivia here ;) How confused do I look?:P

Sooo this year I need a bit of planning. I have always, and probably always will, love mermaids. I adore them. Little Mermaid was (and still is ) my favourite film and I always thought they were far more magical and interesting then just some plain boring princess or fairy ;)

SoI've been thinking...why not go as a mermaid this year?

Not as saucy as this one obviously ;) I would have to cover up a bit!
I like this type of mermaid...not as clean cut and a bit wild...

wonderful Pre raphaelite painting of some cheeky sirens

Heres a mermaid from the wonderful Mermaid Parade held on Coney Island New York every summer...if you've never heard of it, google it! Its amazing I hope I can go one day!
How ace does she look!? Don't think I could do the full body paint though...maybe just some shimmer on my collar bones and shoulders?
I know she's not a mermaid haha, but I love this style make up for a mermaid, but maybe replace the purple for a greeny,blue? or maybe a coppery bronze to make my eyes look blue-er? What do you think?
My favourite painting probably ever, I've loved it since I was a child. Were lucky enough to actually house it in our local Art Gallery, and its stunning.

These girls are paid to be mermaids in aquariums ! Can you imagine that, going to your local aquarium, cheking out the fish, and a mermaid floats by....

How cool! :D

How beautiful does she look? :)
Retro Mermaid! :)

This womans called Hanna, and she's a mermaid in the Mermaid Lagoon in Sydney aquarium, she looks really realistic doesnt she? :)

Mermaid hair :) thinking I should do my hair all wiggly and curly and string glittery thread and pearls through it :)


Hhahahaha thought I'd finish with this funny picture ;) Although he does look a little odd, I love the stars in his hair and am thinking of stealing this idea!

So am I the only one who loves and adores Halloween? :) What is everyone else thinking of going as this year? Or what did you go like last year?
Hope everyones ok, and thanks for all the tumblr advice on my last post!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh I love your vampire make-up and your sister's costume looked awesome. I love the mermaid idea, nice and original. I don't know what I'll do this year as my friend's Halloween parties have stopped since she went to Uni. xxx

Olivia said...

aww thanks natasha!! :) i loved being a vampire for the night it was fab! i love the ideas of mermaids, they amazing!

aww no as if :/ throw your own party! seeing as your going off to uni they always have massive halloween stuff going on on freshers year! :D


Winnie said...

I adore the Little Mermaid, that's my favourite disney film and for my last birthday my best friend bought me the dvd to replace my old VHS! Love it.

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

My friend made her own mermaid costume based on the little mermaid for a dress up party I went to a few years ago. It looked great, I wish I could send you a photo for inspiration. Good luck with it anyway.

I am quite happy for you to use my photo, it's funny though, people hardly ask to use my good outfit shots and then I get so many compliments on my outtakes haha. I'd love you to send me the link where you use it :).

Lexi said...

I loved my outfit, possibly my fave outfit so far! Look out for this year....Zombie jailbird, complete with tattoos!! xx

un petit lapin said...

All your costumes last year look great! Love all the make up! The Little Mermaid is one of my most favourite films ever as well. I can't wait to see how you do it!

Also, I totally want to visit Hanna at Sydney Aquarium!

Anonymous said...

Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.

Olivia said...

:) whats your assignment on?

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Bonjour Olivia, I'm finally back (and slowly making the rounds) from my enforced internet break. I love the mermaid idea, it's different and original, hope we get to see some pics afterwards ;-) Love from London x


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