Sunday, 1 August 2010

Grannies Parlour, BlogLovin, and Suitcase of Mysteries

Hello everyone! Sorry its been a while since my last post, iI've been working through the week now as well as weekends trying to save for driving lessons! So I havent been abl to do as much as I havent done as much as I would have wanted, but I thought I'd have a Sunday catch up :)
Thought I'd share a few of these images with you... This suitcase was bought with a voucher I got for my birthday for a place called Grannies Parlour which is a really cool antique-y place. Shona and I spent about an hour in there!
Its perfect to fill with all sorts of bits and bobs, and I'm thinking of using it in my film next year, to be stuffed with childrens fancy dress things :) just something to be in the set of her bedroom :)

I'm also now on the search for the perfect bottle to use in my film. Now remember, this bottle has to be able to capture 1999, and keep it nice and secure and tight - it CANNOT let the Millenium in ;) Now I have the bottle that I originally used when I was 9, but I just can't bring myself to use it in the actual film - because that would mean I'd have to uncork it! Which I can obviously never do, or I'd never have my piece of '99 ever again, it'd float away... ;)

So which bottle to use?

I like this one, its a bit unusual...but not really like the ones I used to play with as a kid...

Its a bit too grown up!

I suppose I like this one...hmm...might have to do a search on ebay or something...anyone know where I could get some cool coloured glass bottles from?
have you got any cool bottles of your own you could take a snap of and I could take a peek? Perfume bottles, anything :)

The one I used was purple like this one...but the jewelly type fastener isnt particularly strong...not good enough to capture the 20th century I'm afraid ;)

Hmmm I shall have to keep looking...
Anyway heres some more of the little gems I found at Grannies Parlour..

Its not that i really love looking at pictures of naked women or anything ;) I just think this was such a pretty picture, I thought she looked like those classic Greek nude statues!

What a BABE this woman was... don't you wish glamour was the norm again like it was back then? :D

How gorgeous are this on screen couple from the 20's?

I think they beat Brad and Angelina anyday ;)

Heres a little vintage magnifying glass necklace I got from that Antique market I was raving about in my last post, I dont even care about the missing pearls, it was only 2 quid and so cute!

More of the beloved suitcase :D

Apparantly its from the 1940's used by a child to carry their belongings when evacuated...I wonder what treasures they packed in there?
Some more snaps of that Antique fair..

How amazing is this teacup!!??? I love it!!
I spent ages rifling through this box of old photos

One of my favourite things...shells!

Toy forks for make believe tea partys :)

More shells :)
How cool is this spinning wheel? It from the 18th century, I just cant believe things are still around from that long ago! It made me think of Rumpelstiltskin, spinning all that straw into gold :)

A pretty painting :)
Now I am not a fan of guns in the slightest I think theyre horrid, but I cant tell you how tiny these were, I think they were made for women to pop in their handbags, they were just so small!

Aaaaanyway, I am now (finally) on BlogLovin' (I know I know I'm waaay behind on the times haha) so if you want to follow me on there you can do :)
What everyone been up to this weekend? I saw Toy Story 3 yesterday at the cinemas and yes, I cried ;)


Anonymous said...

I am so in love with your blog...I loved all those glass bottles and the vintage, antique photos you posted! I need to find a similar fair like this. xxx

kat said...

thanks for your comment honey.
The glass bottle plan sounds cool and the suitcase
is a great prop-the old photos look great inside it.
Love the pics of you with your sister.
Kat x

Olivia said...

Aw thanks natasha! I only ever find out about them in my area because my parenst always find them - I think parents just know these kind of things ;) maybe look in the advertising bit of your local paper? Thanks for the comment!

And thanks Kat, thought I should show off my beauty of a sister a bit more often on my blog! :D

Thank you both for popping by


Georgianna said...

Love that suitcase, Olivia! You have a great eye for wonderful vintage things. You and your sister are boh gorgeous! xo

Nancy said...

Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! grannies parlor sounds like just my kinda place... what a sweet post for an equally sweet blog, so glad I found you x

Olivia said...

Aw thanks georgianna! :) means a lot! :D I love that suitcase too, it just smells a bit old, need to put some potpourri in or something!

Aw thanks nancy! Grannies Parlour is pretty cool, crammed with so many gems! And thank you very much, im a huge fan of your blog so I'm really happy you've popped by and visited mine :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Whoa, I totally want to visit this Grannies Parlour! What amazing finds. I love how you put everything in the old briefcase for display. I could spend days in antique malls and thrift stores :) xo

Winnie said...

I like the one that looks like an old medicine bottle, the one before your purple one! That's a great little case! Full of history and memories already, even before you fill it with your goodies!

Olivia said...

Hey Shannon :) I totally agree I could spend all day in places like that...the place where I got my magnifying glass from was an antiques like villiage in an old RAF base, every building was crammed with vintage finds and there were like 10 buildings! we literally did spend the whole day there haha

And Winnie, I love that one too! I'm lending it to my friend Shona for her to use in her 3rd year film which is about messages in bottles :)
I love that case, I think it may be making more then one appearance on G&C :D

Thank you both for your comments and popping by :)


A Fanciful Life said...

Hi Olivia,

Thank you for visiting my blog. So glad to see yours as I am totally enjoying all the photos and images on your blog.

Have a great day,
Sharon :-)


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