Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Hmm....Don't know what to say!

Hello everyone, its been a while since my last post hasn't it!

I've been working during the week and at the weekends lately so the days between my shift I have to admit have been used to either sleep, or do Uni work! So I havent been a very commited blogger - sorry!

So, work wise, a big thank you to Luke at http://loco-luke.blogspot.com/ for all the help with trying to find September the film :) Check out his blog it is filled with the most beautifulllll boys in the world! :D

And thanks so Natasha who admitted she didnt know where to find it but said Hi anyway! :D

So I havent really got any pictures to upload so I thought I'd just pop some cool pics up :) Ive listed the links where I can but some I couldnt find sorrryyy.

p.s.....also......my classmates and I are planning a sunshine holiday after graduation next year,back to Lagos in Portugal as the lovely Chris's lovely mum has a place out there.....I cheked the flights for if we went in May and booked now.... £21!!!!!! I couldnt believe it - I want to go nowww!!!


This is a mini balloon invitation! how cool! From the lovely Shannon's great blog,http://shannoneileenblog.typepad.com/ - I'd definitely reccommend her, she's always got the most amazing pictures! I'm forever looking at them and chasing my poor Mother round the house with my laptop going Mum look at this! Look at this its so cool!

Not quite sure where this is from....could be http://thedrifterandthegypsy.blogspot.com/? I have a really bad habit of just saving as cool pictures, and never remembering to jot down the sources!

Think I'll so some sea swimming when we go back to Lagos, this time avec The Gang :D

This is a painting by Danny Roberts (my new favourite artist) from http://igorandandre.blogspot.com/, he's so unbelievably talented! Also I think it looked like myself and a certain handsome chap I know called Alex :p

Havent got a clue where this is from - sorry! But she makes a coathanger in her hair look good! Wow :)



Anonymous said...

Hehe you mentioned me! Sorry I couldn't help, but thank you for introducing me to another amazing blog! xxx

Olivia said...

your welcome! :D x

Danielle said...

Nice blog : )
lovely posts ♥

/Fashion Bowie

Olivia said...

Thank you Danielle! :D

un petit lapin said...

The mini balloons are soooo cute! I might steal that for a dinner party.
And that painting does look like a certain couple haha.

Olivia said...

Aw I know they really are arent they, can you imagine opening up a little box and a tiny balloon to come floating out? so cute!

it really does doesnt it hahah ;)

thanks for popping by!


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