Friday, 20 August 2010

Baking things for our anniversary picnic :)

Well here is my time to be soppy ;)
Tommorow will be a year to the day that my gorgeous boyfriend and I went on our first date,and in my eyes got properly together, because I knew from that first date I didnt want anyone else :D

So I told all the scummy boys who were hanging around me where to go, and Alex and I carried on dating (which was a lovely change, actual proper dates! I wasn't used to them with the horrible boys I'd known before) and slowly but surely got to where we are today :)

This is one of the first pictures taken of us, because this night, last year, was the night he asked me out. We were at our lovely friend Krissie's 21st birthday party and in case you couldnt guess, it was fancy dress ;)

I was Jessica Rabbit and Alex was one of many smurfs!

Our Aims came asLady Gaga (make up by moi) and my beautiful sister came as a 1920's flapper :D

This dress was handmade my me and my mum, we stuck on every sequin by hand!

So, we are celebrating the day by re-creating our first date, a stroll down Bridlington beach :)
So, I have spent the full day baking all sorts of yummy treats to have at a picnic were planning (good old British weather permitting!)

Some heart shaped brownies covered in edible gold glitter!



And the mess that it left ;)

Here is a photo album I got him, with all the photographs from our first year!

Instead of buying a card, I thought I would make one! I always said I would paint or draw something for Alex thats really cool, but apart from daft doodles never got round to it.

But heres a painting of us two :) its the front of the card.

A nice little letter that I wrote him, sealed in wax!

Of course Angel was by my side allll day wagging her tail and hoping for a bit of sponge or chocolate!

My mums famous Ginger Parkin recipe was used to make this...yummmmmmmmmmm

Cupcakes before they were iced! (these photos load in a daft way, all back to front!)
Ginger Parkin in the silicone baking tray.

Brownie !

the chocolate when I poured it into the whipped eggs!

Cool patterns eh? :D

So hopefully, tommorow will be ace :)
Well done to everyone who got their A level results yesterday by the way or today, I remember being nervous!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment! You look gorgeous as Jessica Rabbit! And those handmade cakes and cookes and your card is lovely :) xxx

Victoria said...

Aw how cute, congratulations ! :)

Georgianna said...

Hope you had a marvelous day, Olivia!

inge luciana said...

wow..this post is amazing!!
love the brownie, looks so delicious
and congrats anyway

Olivia said...

Thanks girls! I love getting all your comments, they reeally make my day :) I know everyone says that but they really do! Hope your'e all ok! :)

un petit lapin said...

Awww, happy first anniversary. You two look like a cute couple!
Your costumes are all fantastic!

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

That's soo sweet, happy first anniversary! You look lovely together...though I'm not sure I could be persuaded to date a smurf... ;-) Love from London x

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

congratulations, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Danielle said...

Beeautiful blog!
I loved ♥

I'm making a list of the sources of the photos, many photos ...
Check out there on the blog, I'll post soon.

I follow you!
I am brazilian,my english is bad,sorry!

/Fashion Bowie

Olivia said...

Thanks M. Poirot! Aw, I didn't think I could be persuaded to either! How wrong I was ;) haha

And thanks Chloe!

Danielle! Your english is fine! Trust me, its a lot better than my brazillian! :)
And yeah it is hard finding sources for photographs sometimes isnt it, I just save so many then forget to find out where they came from!

Thanks for popping by!


Winnie said...

Aww how sweet is this? Congratulations on making it to a year. You two sound all loved up! Love all the fancy dress photos.


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