Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Aussies! I need your help! (please :D)

First of all, hello everyone. Not just Australian people. But a bigger hello to Australian people :)

I need your help! (if at all possible!)

As some of you may or may not know I am on a Film and Television Design course at University. When I go back in September, I have to write my dissertation - eeek!

Which I am very worried about by the way haha :P

Its about Baz Luhrmann, and Aussie I love just slightly more than I adore my beloved Kylie :)

And because its Australian cinema I'm trying to find other examples of Australian films that have similar themes to his film. His last film, Australia, had themes of rascism, and I have found another Australian film that carries those themes as well, called September.

So, I'd really love to watch this film, September. It was released in 2007, stars Xavier Samuel, and was directed by Peter Carstairs.

The only problem is I cannot find it anywhere.

I've searched online movie sites. I've searched torrent sites. I've searched youtube. I've looked everywhere I can think of and I cant find it. Its well over £30 on ebay etc and I cant afford that, and the DVD is only viewable on Australian DVD players :(

Do any of you know anywhere thats cheap that you could get it from over there? Or an Australian site I could watch it from? Its not just for my dissertation, I actually genuinely want to watch this film because its won film festival awards too and has got good write ups.

I know its a bit of a shot in the dark, but I'm relying on your help!

Anyone from anywhere else too, if you know anything else about it please help too! :)

Any help or advice you could give me would be soooo appreciated, you have no idea how grateful I would be!!!!




Anonymous said...

Are you using emule?
I know for sure that "September" is there. :)

Anonymous said...

Search for
(one word)

Olivia said...

Ive just tried typing it in and it says sorry so results found? im getting so frustrated cant find it anywhere! thank you for your help though, have you seen it? :0

Anonymous said...

Maybe better copy and paste to avoid typos. I just tried and found the file in question. I have seen the movie indeed and I liked it a lot. It's quiet and a bit slow paced, not much dialogue, yet it is intense plus it has some lovely scenery. Of course the general topic (apartheid)is a very serious one and I must admit I've never really thought about it associated with Australia...but I guess it is (was) everywhere. I certainly would recommend "September" for watching.

Olivia said...

Right Ive just worked out how to use emule! haha anyway got it working, your right it is there, its got three sources but im not even sure its downloading? its confusing! haha
aw wow it sounds really good. The apartheid theme is something thats really vital to the dissertation I'm writing so I think this film will be perfect!

Anonymous said...

Just make sure you're connected to a server and to KAD network.
Indeed, I would think that this is something you could use for your dissertation.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't help, but thanks for the comment on my last post. Devon was lovely xxx

Winnie said...

I have no idea sorry but love the Danny Roberts image, he really is such a talent!

Natasha said...

I hope you found the site and film online. How embarrassing that I am an Aussie and a high School English teacher and I still haven't seen that film....I will definitely have to make sure I see it ASAP!

Good luck!

Olivia said...

Hi Natasha :)
I think I'm going to have to buy it...but converted from Australian dollars its only about £18 so its ok! :D
Hahaha awww I'm sure your students will forgive you! I've only just discovered it and I'm and Film and Television student! :s haha
Thanks for dropping by my blog by the way :)


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