Monday, 7 February 2011

Some Uni work for Kodak

Hellooo everyone. Again sorry for being away for so long, drowning in Uni work! Just thought I'd post up some photos of work I've been doing. This was an advert for The Industry Trust we did, with Kodak film which was scary! I was production designer/art director, and I made everything you can see in these pics - even the dress and the orb! :)


Georgianna said...

Hey this is fantastic, Olivia! So creative – I love seeing behind the scenes and you are absolutely the only blogger I know doing sets and props – love it! Wishing you great success with your final months. xo – g

Olivia said...

Thanks Georgianna! Am I really? Wo! I thought about making the blog more work orientated with a few personal its and bobs instead of the other way round, I'm glad people like it! And I do love my sets and props,seems a shame not to share them! Thanks again! :D

Kenzie said...

That dress is stunning! I love it so much.

Olivia said...

Aww thanks! It was such a pain to make but worth it :D x

Marthaamay O_o said...

OH MY! That dress would be perfect for the Royal Wedding!!!
Pitch it, quick! I'm sure Kate'll change her mind.

Olivia said...

Hahaha do you think? ;) Be a nice change wouldnt it! x


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