Saturday, 19 February 2011

Late Valentines Day Love Fort

How amazing is this??
LA based designer Justina Blakeney let Design Sponge Online have a step by step article on how to make this aaaamaaazing love fort, its so cool and colourful. I really love how she's mixed the patterns and textures of the fabric.
I recommend everyone check out DesignSponge, it's full of tips and prjects to embark on - so much fun!


Cliona said...

I want a love fort.

I want a love fort now.

Now all I need is a man... ;)

Olivia said...

It's amazing isnt it! Hahah who needs a man to enjoy the love fort! :P x

tales from an oc cottage said...

HOW cool is that!!!

m ^..^

Olivia said...

its amazing isnt it! :D I really love it want to make one as soon as possible! x

Melina said...

One thing that I love about being a nanny is that building forts is always a crowd pleaser. I think I enjoy it more than the kids though

Olivia said...

Theyre great arent they! Hahaha luckily its part of my job to build them too ;) I think they should make it part of every adult job - building forts! :) x


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