Monday, 21 February 2011

Paper Boats, Cardboard Castles, and Golden Maps

 So heres some paper boats I have made as part of the set  for my film, strung up from the ceiling :)

 Pea Green Boat :D
 This one is my favourite, I love the big pirate ship style sails :)
 By the way, the messy walls are due to these lovely little boats being strung up in my Uni room...very messy and stuffed with props...
 This is a cardboard castle I is meant to have been made by a nine year old, so it's allowed to be a little scruffy ;)

This is a beautiful map of Asia that I picked up for free! The black surface is like blackboard, nd before I pimped it up with gold glitter there was chalk drawings all over the countries. The glitter glue I used ws about a pound, so the full thing cost me around two quid ;) Thrifty or what! :)

More bits and props coming soon :)



Melina said...

I love the paper boats! I'm intrigued, what is your film going to be about? And, will you post it here when it is all finished??

Olivia said...

They're super cute arent they! we want to pva glue the bottom of one of them to make it a bit waterproof and see if it sails :) Well, briefly its set on new years eve, 1999, about a little girl whose scared of the Millenium and growing up, so she tries to capture the essence of 1999 and her childhood into a little bottle :) just started building the set for it, I'm sooo excited!
Heres some more info :)

And yeah I really want to post it on here so keep an eye out! :)
Thanks for your commment by the way :)

Natasha said...

I love visiting your blog because you have the coolest photos on it. That map of Asia is fantastic and I love the way you changed it around. And the pea green boat is my favourite! xxx

Olivia said...

Aww thank you so much! Honestly that means so much, I'm gettiing really intimidated by all these absolutely huuuge design blogs,and my teeny tiny little one never seems up to par! So thank you for sayiing that :) xxx

Hello Naka said...

the castle is so cool and cute^^ i love the boats r those ur drawings in the background? im very impressed and jeaslous if so :p

SnOOp said...

The paper boats are the BEST. Actually the whole lot is awesome. Yes you are brilliantly thrifty.

Amanda xxx

Olivia said...

Thanks amanda! I've just made the ceiling for the set that the little boats are going to be hung up on, I'm stringing them up tommorow - so excited! :)
Thanks for your comment :)

Winnie said...

Oh your paper boats and castle are the cutest thing ever! They look awesome as a room decoration too!

Olivia said...

Thank you winnie! It's nice to hear from a familiar face now I'm back in the bloggiing world :D Hope your well :) x

MJ said...

Woah. That castle is amazing! Mind blown.

Olivia said...

Thank youu :) I would like to live in a lifesize version one day ;) x


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