Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Friends and New Pages!

Again, these pictures have uploaded back to front! So this is Bert our toad escaping into the pond.
This is him just about to go...

This is him thinking about jumping back into the water...

Here is Berty the toad :)

Wellll, I've been very busy this last week, working on my friend Ryan's film - he's asked me to build a robot costume, as realistic as possible! Eeek! Bit of a break from my usual stuff bit oh well I'm learning arent I :)
I'm getting behind on a lot of my own work though so I've taken today off and I'm catching myself up again :)
Last night this little fellow made himself known to us in the garden :) I've called him Berty. If he is a Prince in disguise, he didn't seem keen on returning to his human form because after a while he quite happily jumped back into the pond :) what a cutie.

By the way I have my new pages down the left handside of my blog now, feel free to have a look :)




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