Tuesday, 4 May 2010

This could be our fairytale

Here are a few pictures from the set of one of my many, many, many Uni projects. Its meant to be a sort of modern fairytale,set today but still looking quite old fashioned. Everyone compares it to Alice in Wonderland, but I didnt really see the connection until I finished filming and started editing. Anyway heres some pics, I'm sure there will be more to come once I figure it out :D

This is the 'Backwards Clock' that my Aunty lent me for this project. It fits in well the the whole Wonderland theme of the set I think.

You can only see part of the set here, but I'm stood with Chris who was our cinematographer and camera man for the day, and theres Mike (Denim) sat on the floor recording the sound.

Ryan,a post graduate of our course took a few of these pictures, but this is the one he took that we both really loved...not sure why...you can check out his work here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_-Zr_8X0CU - he's fabulous.

This was the tea party table - I can tell you hardly anything was left on that table towards the end of the day,that what you get from having an all male crew who are hungry all the time! :D

Heres our beautiful actress Georgia - she was so professional and polite and willing - and at only 11! She was lovely to work with.

Mainly because she sat around for ages in the same poses while we fixed the focus, lighting, set (pictured) or anything else that was bothering us - and she never complained once!

Here she is again - we let her have a few of the cakes and cookies though don't worry ;)

Here's the set before being lit properly.

Me sat in the set fixing the tree which I had lovingly created over a day and a half!
There we go, first photo filled post finished :) Hopefully I will have the film all finished and edited by the middle of May so I will try and post it (or bits of it) on here to let you have a look-see :D



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