Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Birthday and Bits and Bobs

Hellllooooo everyone, its been a while since I've posted anything of my own so I've made up for it with double the amount of photos I'd usually put up! And its taken me all afternoon due to several crashes of either my computer, or - anyone else have this problem? :s
Anyway, these first few pics are of what I've redone my room like - its not huge things like changing furniture around but most girls will know that the tiniest change to their bedrooms can be noticed massively :)
I went out into town with my good friend Shona after Uni the other day and went into TK Maxx to find these lovely jewellry boxes, I also bought a bigger version of the black one to keep all my make up in.
So after an afternoon of sorting out various scrapbooks,oddments, jewellry and make up my bedroom finally resembled some sort of order :)

Oh and I changed my notice boards round too :)

This is the magnifying glass I bought on Alex and I's trip to London or Londonian as we keep calling it :p the lady who sold it to me was Turkish and she had such cool little antique bits and bobs on her stall - she was so friendly and nice too :)

This is again off a Turkish stall holder, who had a glittering stall full of tiny little coloured glass bottles, it was so sparkly and pretty :) he even wrapped it up carefully and with plenty of extra padding as I explained I have a habit of breaking things :s

These are one of the jewellry boxes that I bought - isnt it lovely? :) The tag on the front was attatched to my Valentines bouquet from Alex of white roses - he knows I hate red ones, I think theyre tacky haha.
This is the model hand I bought from Tate Britain,even though its mainly for artistic uses I just think it looks cool.
Here is Mary!!!! Its running thing between Alex and I about donkeys, (its a long story I shall tell you all later) so he wrote me a really funny poem about a donkey called Mary that was attatched to a little box,which when opened had this lovely little donkey laid in tissue :) it was such a cool present for my birthday.

This to me is a picture of bliss, things that are organised, and sorted - I get called Monica a lot for this but I dont care ;)

Studs in one, big ones in another, danglys in another,then bracelets at the top - hahah yep, Monica ;)
These are a set of little birdhouses that my Mum and Dad got me - arent they cute!! :)
My newly arranged notice board :)

These paper roses were made for my by the crew of a ferry we were on travelling to Bruge,they made a lovely little flower each for my Mum and Sister, but forgot me. To make up for it,they made me these huge roses,and I was chuffed to bits! :)

This little lady was adopted in Dublin, on a wonderful trip I went on with my sister and our fantastic friend Aimee (usually referred to as Davo or Long Legs :D) we were in this shop where everything was covered in little diamonet crystals and we each picked a little doll that looked the most like us! :)

This picture was taken on that very same Dublin trip actually,in the toilets of a resteraunt before one of the best nights of my life! Ballroom dancing with Australians, started multicultural riots,Lex pulling a rockstar and wandering home through Dublin in the early hours of the morning to taxi's blaring our michael Jackson as they drove past :) it was such an amazing weekend :)

My beloved Angela Carter Fairy Tales book :)
My Aunty Barbara is an exceptionally talented cook/chef/baker ( I never know what to call them!) and she created a tower of cupcakes for my birthday!!! This blue one here is my favourite.

My aunty Glynis made this instead of a present tag, its so cool.

This is the pocket watch my Mum and Dad got me :)

This little chap is something I have wanted for sooo long. I saw him in a plumo catalogue and I just adored him, and had no idea I would end up getting him for my birthday!!! I love his little golden crown and emerald eyes :)



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