Monday, 30 January 2012

Islington Times

Hello everyone :)

Just to say thank you for all the well wishes while I was in London - I had the BEST time with Louisa and Jo ( her amazing assistant) and met some other incredibly talented and hard working people too, Emma the photographer, Nass her assistant and Roz my fellow Northern (way more Northern than me, Scottish in fact) alien in London! I just had the best time ever, learned so much, saw incredible things, and shot in this beautiful house!

Isn't it dreamy? :)

I also fell a little bit in love with Islington - it's such a varied place with millions of different shops and cafes, restaraunts and bars, and the people were so friendly to me (I got lost around 1000 times and someone always helped me!)

Here's a few photos I found on Google of Islington and it's areas and some shops that caught my eye.

Otto Lenghis Shop on Upper Street!

The Make Lounge


And the amazingly decorated Jolie Rouge Tattoo Parlour!

During the summer, I suspected I was falling, and now it's certain - I am in love with London :)

I'm thinking of moving in the next few months into the Stroud Green area...any other Londoners with some good tips on where is nice to live in London?

Also, check out the amazingly talented girls that I worked with while I was there - honestly some of the nicest, friendliest people I have ever met, it was a pleasure to work for them :)



Nicole said...

Really cute pictures!
thanks for sharing, its like traveling from your home :)


Style Servings said...

Wow this looks like such an amazing experience! Glad you had fun! That house is AMAZING, is it in London?!?!!

Chuck said...

Oh, the house! The wisteria! So lovely. Intrigued by the tattoo parlour too... x

Heather said...

i definitely need to spend some more time in london!


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