Thursday, 23 June 2011

Happy Thoughts

Hi Everyone :) 
Thank you all so much for the comments on '99 Forever, it 's meant so much to have so many comments and compliments :) 

Above is a Happy Thoughts thing that I've made for my Mum. She's just opened a brand new cafe called Vintage Cafe and I thought this would be a really nice thing to stick on the notice board. I'm going to do a post later on the cafe, but for now CLICK HERE to see what it looks like :) 

I thought I'd put up some pictures of my new dresser in my room. I got it from a charity shop for £8! I painted it white and put all my bits and bobs on there. I really love it now, and I think it really makes my room :) 

My growing number of props are also balanced on it! :) 

Here are some pictures from our degree show. This one above is Shona and I at the back of the room, nervously watching '99 Forever and gauging the audiences reactions - luckily it was a brilliant reaction! :D

  And here is my beautiful sister. Without her the night really would have been a flop! 

 Now I've left Uni, that fear that I think all post Uni students are having right now - what on earth do I do with my life? Luckily I have a job lined up, being a teaching assistant and workshop co-ordinator at a Film and Media College (the one that I attended actually) for a few terms, but I'm constantly having that self doubt and fear I'm not good enough to 'make it.' Any other post Uni people feel like this? :s 



Mademoiselle Poirot said...

That dresser is great and I love charity shop finds like that! I also really love the great idea of Free Happy Thoughts - brilliant.

Congrats on already having a job lined up, that's great news. Have a great weekend, Love from London xo

Megan said...

your happy thoughts craft is SO CUTE! what a neat idea! I'm sure whoever takes one will be so blessed by those happy words.
I love your room, too! :)


Cliona said...

Oh my gosh I love it! This is exactly the type of look I was going for as well. Great minds do think alike, huh? ;)

Your mum's place looks AMAZING. If I am ever in the area, I know where I will be grabbing lunch xx

Peach said...

I love charity shop finds like that, I wish there were more of them here in Italy, you can actually find good, nice and vintage stuff, difficult to find elsewhere! :)
Your room looks amazing!
i really like the big golden key, and the way you divided pencils into different pots :)

the free happy thoughts thing in your mum's cafe is so sweet! Great idea!!


Olivia said...

Thanks for all the comments girls! I'm always scred my room looks very cluttered (which to be honest, I know it is ;) but think this dresser adds a bit more organisation! x

Natasha said...

I love your dresser! Can we swap rooms? You've got so many trinkets it's like Ariel's cave of treasures from The Little Mermaid. And I've yet to start uni, but I'm sure I'll be feeling the same in 3 years' time. Your film was brilliant and I'm glad it got a good reaction too. Thanks for the lovely comment as well :) xxx

Victoria said...

Gorgeous !!!
And such neat pics !! :)

Victoria said...

I love your idea! so lovely I'm feeling like doing one myself! :)

Chuck said...

I think we're all feeling that. Congratulations on having a job though! The cafe looks gorgeous, can't wait to see more pictures. x

Binia said...

I want everything in your room! And the happy thoughts thing is so inexplicably lovely.

BLahblah Abi said...

congrats on your job! I read Stardust too :) x


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