Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Night At The Circus - Goldielocks and Cupid Style

 Roll Up! Roll Up!
 And come and enjoy A Night At The Circus - Goldielocks and Cupid Style! ;)

The lovely Shona across at  A Polaroid Dream took all the photos (the genius she is), I styled and dressed the sets, and made the costumes and accessories, and my beautiful, beautiful sister, Lex, modelled for me.
 Here's me fixing her hat in between a shot! I picked up the actual hat for around 50p at Wednesday Market (a beloved haunt for Shona, my sister, and I) and I added the hand painted (by me) flowers and dusty rose/ lilac Ostrich feathers on myself.
 Vintage enamel mirror, again from Wednesday market :)
 All the back drop is hand painted too :)
 This is a Jasper Conran dress that I customised and altered to what we needed for the shoot.
 In the Studio helping her out of that hat!
 Just tweaking outfit No. Two...
 This was a cheap little dress that I again customised with fringing, tasseling, and ribbon.

 Doesnt she look beautiful :)

 Mine and Shona's Masterpiece!
 She looks so tiiny in the big top! She's actually nearly 6ft tall...clever photography ;)
 Ring Master!

 A hint of Debbie Harry, non?

 Hope you enjoyed the show ;)

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Apothecary Set - Magic and Spells

 Hi everyone :)
Sorry I've been away so long, this bout of feeling under the weather I mentioned in my last post turned into Glandular Fever, Gastroenteritis, and Acute Tonsillitis! Lord above, what a cocktail ;) 

I even missed my own night out for my 21st Birthday! What a letdown! But...the night I spent at the circus more than made up for it....more on that in a few days ;)

Sooo, as you can imagine I've been out of action for a while...I even had to put my beloved Organiser (or Homework Diary as I call it ;) and laptop down...sob! But I'm getting back on my feet so I thought I would share these photos with you of the latest set I've done...

 It's an Apothecary! With all handmade bottles, contents, labels and spell papers :)

 The belljar (a smaller one than my beloved deceased Belljar (RIP) was only a pound at a local market, the hourglass was a present off my beautiful sister and the GORGEOUS sea chest with secret compartments inside (!!!!) was off my wonderful boyfriend for my 21st Birthday....some girls get nail polishes and clothes vouchers, I'm happy with battered old treasure chests ;)


 Teeth and Bones
 Mixed Herbs and Powdered Bone
 Twigs, and Blood and Guts
 Teeth and Bones
 Magic Crystal Ball
 Be warned...Blood and Guts
 Lycan Fur
 Goblet and Runes
 Lacromose (Tears)
 Potion No 36
 Miniture Spellbook...
 Loves Young Dream...wouldnt that be a wonderful thing to bottle?
 Pickled Pirates Fingers ;)
 Blood and Guts

 Mermaid Hair

 Belljar with Birds nest inside

 Blood and Guts
 Mermaid Hair
 Deadly Nightshade

Full Set :)

Thank you for all your get well soon wishes too, they meant a lot!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for an Interview/Feature that is being done on my beloved little blog by a wonderful blogger that I adore!...More coming soon!

Hope you're all ok! :)



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