Thursday, 10 March 2011

Film Shoot Pictures - Sneak Preview '99 Forever

 Hi lovelies :) Heres a few more sneaky peek photos from the film shoot this week. We finish shooting on Sunday, and I tell you what it's been a tiring week!

Me hard at work, giggling.
On the set with our youngest actress.
The tent <3
 'Jess's wall.
Here's our actress with Chris,another actor who was absolutely great.

Thanks so much again to everybody who commented on the last post...I#ve been getting a bit down about the set thinking its not looking as good as it could but all of your comments have cheered me right up :)
Hope your all ok



Nana said...

I wish I could see this movie right away! That little girl is so cute XD I really do think you did a great job with the set!

Designwali said...

thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment! your blog is lovely and so creative!

Collections said...

These pictures are great, that set looks magical.

diana kang said...

these look amazing! what a fun little set xx

Peach said...

My boyfriend makes movies as a hobby :) this one you're shooting, form the photos you posted, looks so professional! I think your doing a great job, also with this nice set! that little girl looks so sweet!
Tell me something about this movie! are you going to bring it to cinemas, or something like that? are you doing it as a hobby or as your job? I'm really really interested in it! I would really like to have a chance to see it, even it's kind of impossible :P

Moniek said...

Wow, very pretty pictures!

Mo Pie, Please said...

This all looks so awesome! I love the set and your youngest actress is the cutest!

head over heels said...

i've only just found your blog but all this looks very intriguing! can't wait to see more :) x

Winnie said...

It looks so good! Really can't wait to see the final outcome.

Sher said...

the little girl is too cute! And i'm in love with your tent, you should be very proud of the set you created:)


Olivia said...

Nana - Thanks! Needs to be edited yet, should be done in a few months :)

Designwali - You're welcome! And thank you!

Collections - Thanks so much!

Diana - Thank youuuu :D

Peach - Aw thank you so much! Well I'm on a Film and TV Design course, and I'm really iinterested in set design and set dressing. It's kind of a hobby but also something I do for Uni and professionally! :D
No it wont be out in cinemas, but once its done it will be online, and of course you can see it! Just keep your eyes peeled on my page :)

Moniek - Thanks!

Mo Pie - Thank youuu she is isnt she! :D

Head over heels - Well I'm glad you've found me :) keep checking back with me to see more :)

Winnie - Thank youu neither can I! :)

Sher - she is isnt she! Aw thanks so much that really means a lot.

Thanks so much for your comments lovelies :)

inge luciana said...

cannot wait to see your movie!!!
it looks great

hi, my name is aleksandra said...

oh,really interesting photos. I can't wait to see the movie :)


Fashion Fabrice said...

Hi there darling! lovely post! it looks like a great scene already:) and ive only seen this pics:) i'm just in love with the tent of the little girl! wish hit was in my room haha:) we're hosting a GIVEAWAY on our blog by the way! Come and take a look:) Participate if you like! It's open to everyones:)

Farah @ FashionFabrice.

Have a FABULOUS day:)

Olivia said...

inge luciana - Thanks, neither can i! :)

Aleksandra - Thank youuu, locing your blog too :)

Farah - Thank you! I will definitely check it out :) x

blorange dice said...

beautiful girls!!! these are really cool pictures. oh, and about my hair: yes, it is naturally wavy. haha i'm actually really bad about styling and always insist on letting it air dry.

MJ said...

The set looks incredible. I really want a room like that now!

Olivia said...

blorange dice - thank you! wow I would love to have a naturally wave to my hair, unfortunately its straight as a poker!

MJ - Thanks! I really want to make a tent in my tiny room now after this set!

Victoria said...

What a lovely picture of you! And that little girl is adorable too! :)

Olivia said...

Aw thanks victoria! She is isnt she :) x

Anonymous said...

wow, this looks so good. :D

Anonymous said...

is the first time I visit your blog and I must say it's wonderful.
I really want to see what the film is all about , the images leave me with intrigue :)

kisses and good luck


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